Mold or Micro Root Hairs?

So... you received your microgreens and you started to freak out because you saw some weird white stuff down by the pad where the microgreens are attached. Well, don't freak out just yet! Those are micro root hairs, not mold.

You can read more about micro root hairs on Wikipedia. They give a great explanation of what they are. Here is the Wiki link ===> Root Hairs

Below you'll find a split picture. On the left, you'll see a stringy, white, web type substance on the sunflowers. That's mold. On the right, you'll see tiny, furry, stems. Those are root hairs.

Microgreen Mold vs Root Hairs

If you're still unsure about your microgreens, just snap a picture and email it to us at We'll take a look and let you know if it's mold or root hairs.